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Homayoun is a 15 year old teenager who is extremely energetic and a bold dreamer.On the verge of the hundredth anniversary of the martyrdom of Ali Delvari, Hoomayoun, who is a lazy student, is tempted to compete in the article competition to win the prize. Solomon drives the train of laughter in order to prove his manhood in the family and the community where he has been questioned for one thousand reasons, and he himself has realised and seeks to resolve his shortcomings.Hossein Ataari is an 80 year-old stage and film actor who has not been active in the artistic field for over 10 years.In his 81st birthday he is going to be praised for his artistic achievements.A road movie of sorts, the film focuses on a young driver and the fares he picks up.The spirited Nabat and her brother Sadeq are the first to join him, and while it is not clear what their incessant squabbling is about, it is...They welcome him into the fold, and soon Bemani becomes mixed up...'The Hall,' a space used for funerals and weddings, is due to close in twenty days, to the dismay of its workers.

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A couple expecting a child are forced to make an impossible decision after being exposed to chemical weapons.

They discover their unborn baby has inadvertently become a victim of war after being diagnosed with birth defects. Attiyeh has made a career out of giving relationship advice to couples over her radio show.

Every day she answers questions about family dynamics and safeguarding marriages, while behind the scenes she and her husband struggle with a problem of their very own, one that seems practically unsolvable. The lives of several people become intertwined in this mesmerizing drama.

When she is sexually assaulted by the corrupt Jaami, her sister's piano teacher, Mastaneh appeals to the courts for justice and a fair trial. This fascinating moral thriller is centered on the bristling relationship between two very different young women in contemporary Tehran.

Moving to the city for her studies and desperate for a place to live, the quiet, scholarly Nazanin (Nazanin Bayati) rents a room from vivacious shop girl Sahar (Pe...

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    On January 18, 2013, Vega, alongside Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer and Judith Hill, premiered 20 Feet from Stardom, a documentary about background singers, at Robert Redford's annual Sundance Film Festival.

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