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If you lower your debt or increase your income (or preferably both), you will improve your debt-to-income ratio.Use a monthly budget to cut expenses and manage your finances. Insider Tip: Avoid income repayment plans, which can increase your interest payments over time.Generally, top lenders expect a minimum credit score in the mid to high 600's, while others do not have a minimum. Income Private student loan lenders want to ensure that you have sufficient income to repay your student loans.Lenders want proof that you have stable and recurring monthly income and cash flow.

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Student loan refinancing could save you more than ,000 over the life of your student loans.

You can use the Make Lemonade student loan refinancing calculator to calculate how much money you can save from student loan refinancing.

What To Do If You Get Rejected For Student Loan Refinance 1.

Your co-signer needs to have a strong credit profile and be willing to be equally responsible with you for your student loan.

Having a qualified co-signer can make the difference between "approve" and "not approve." Insider Tip:  The good news for your co-signer is that many student loan lenders offer a co-signer release, which releases your co-signer of financial responsibility meeting certain qualifications." If you want to refinance your student loans but are not sure if you will get approved, here are the inside tips that you need to know.

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