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For example, maybe you just want to look up a phone number to see who's been calling you.

If you're trying to locate an old friend, you might just need to know their current address.

Drivers beware: Drivers in particular need to be aware of potential problems using a credit card to fill up at an unattended gas station, enter a parking garage, or exit a toll road.

Be prepared to move on to the next gas station if necessary (don't let your tank get too low, especially if driving at night or on Sundays).

According to Visa and Master Card, consumers have the right to decline DCC service: If your receipt shows the total in dollars only, ask that it be rung up again in the local currency.

If the merchant refuses to run the charge again, pay in cash, or mark the receipt "local currency not offered" and warn the clerk that you will be disputing the charges with your bank.

One of the most popular topics on the web, resulting in literally millions of searches every single day, is how to find people online.

People all around the world are looking for birth records, digging up background information on a potential associate, tracking who owns a phone number, looking for more records to fill out their family tree, etc.

There are completely free ways to locate people online, no credit card needed.

Instead of recording your credit card number, a "token" — a one-time encrypted number — is used to make the purchase, and expires shortly afterward.

And you don't have to worry about curious eyes watching you as you enter a PIN.

Some European merchants and hoteliers — capitalizing on the fact that some Americans are intimidated by unusual currencies — cheerfully charge you for converting your purchase price into dollars.

If it's offered, refuse this "service" (called "dynamic currency conversion," or DCC).

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