Gibson country western dating

The Gibson Southern Jumbo model had risen in popularity in the 1940s and early 1950s.People were commonly ordering them with a natural finish instead of the traditional sunburst, calling it an “SJN” starting in 1954.With a decade and a half of aging behind them, the best have a delightful sound.

From 1960 onwards the model was renamed the "SJN" (Southern Jumbo Natural) and/or the "SJN Country Western", however the name "Country Western" reappeared on the instrument label in 1962.

Sheryl Crow is a noted modern user of this instrument in its 1962 version, and a modern reissue based on her 1962 instrument has been released under her name.

A 1964 Gibson "Country Western" acoustic guitar (left) with a 1964 Southern Jumbo (SJ) (right).

The tuner buttons were replaced and a new bone saddle was custom made.

The repairs were expertly performed by another one of my trusted luthiers, Ross Teigen of Teigen Guitars.

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