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Workout sessions are 1 hours long and consist of drills emphasizing ball handling, footwork, shooting including game-like shooting, one-on-one moves, learning how to create shots for you and your teammates and offensive and defensive techniques.The goal of the workout is to start with the fundamental basics and implement them into game play, situational playing and understanding the game of basketball.I fully understand that the sessions signed up for expire at the end of the month and will not carry over to the following month.In the event I cannot be contacted, I further authorize and consent to the administration of any and all medical, dental, and surgical examinations or operation and treatment or all other related care that may be ordered by the physician and or dentist in attendance at the medical center deemed necessary for emergency treatment.The Ultimate Guide to Motivating Players - One of the biggest challenges that coaches face, no matter what level, is keeping players motivated and working hard all the time.This report will help you motivate your players and get them working harder than ever before!Workout sessions offer individual training within a group setting.

Further, I acknowledge that basketball is a contact sport and it involves traveling to, participation in and returning from games or sessions.Footwork and Post Player Development - One of the most important things to teach players is proper footwork.Yet few coaches know how to teach footwork properly.The large number of repetitions necessary to improve or learn a skill could lead to routine, mundane sessions.Having multiple drills that work on the same skill and rotating them will go a long way to maintaining interest and enthusiasm.

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