How to stop ie from updating webpages

You should remember that most of the things that it caches are static images, so a lot of the time the default cache size of 250MB is quite large.

If you want to change it click on the open the Settings menu and launch Internet options. Here you will see the amount of disk space IE uses to cache files.

For instance, I went to a week ago and now every time I go the scores, news stories, stats, etc. Certain pieces of info on the website are current and sometimes clicking a link will bring up current info, but most is old. Let's look at what happens under the hood, what steps we would normally take to clear it up, and then make some guesses as to what else you might try.

What you're experiencing isn't all that uncommon, though its persistence through the steps you've taken to clear it up is.

It doesn't explain why defrag would work but does move the problem outside the PC.

On an aside, "CTRL F5" will tell the browser (at the least Firefox and IE) to re-download the current page entirely from the internet without using the cache.

The top two solutions are actually pretty simple: Leo A.

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Every once and a while after I visit a website (such as and when I go back to it old information comes up on the website. The only thing that solves the problem is running defrag, but only temporarily, as soon the issue will reoccur. The fact that defragging has an impact is completely mysterious.This article was written on a clean installation of Windows 8 so as you can see below my folder is empty.If you have been using IE for a while you will see a whole lot of binary file that are used by IE for certain web applications. The other button opens up a folder with all the cached media files that IE has collected. If you find that IE keeps serving up stale content, you most probably want to change the cache update interval. Here you will see four options, while they are pretty self explanatory, if you are suffering from the stale content problem you will want to change it to check every time you visit the webpage. The problem was that it always showed the current date, even though I did not change anything on the page.It finally sank in that I was using "include" files on the site, and every time one of those was brought in the page was "updated". Anyway, now I always hard-code the date when making changes. Could it be that there is an additional cache between the website and the browser?

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