Indian parents interracial dating

Discover their concerns so you can address them.10. Your parents may want to keep the news within your immediate family because of their shame and embarrassment; however, you will benefit by sharing your relationship with people outside your immediate family. Your parents want to feel as comfortable as possible with your partner because they believe they might be living with you in their older age, and they don’t want to live with a foreigner who doesn’t understand them.12.

You will help the extended family cope and possibly find supporters outside of your parents. Be prepared for psychological and emotional warfare.

Tone down your declarations of love and keep things fluid. Use every argument as a means of collecting strategic information. Gather strategic information so you can formulate a plan of attack with your partner! Be on a fact-finding mission to discover what each of your parents is worried about.

Take the attitude that anything can happen in life. Give your parents some time to take it all in and cope.5. Without a doubt, your parents will have much to say. Each parent will speak a different language and use different words to tell you what lies behind his or her fears.

If he tells you he can’t upset them; he is breaking up with you… Contrary to the way Vishnu describes Indian parents, only a percentage behave so childishly. Does this sound like a good “healthy” way to start a relationship with the future grandparents of your children? I’ve thought long and hard if I should promote the articles/ blog/ book written by Vishnu.Yes, some old fashioned Indian parents manipulate, cause drama, create “health issues,” guilt trips etc… Ultimately, I decided he is a nice enough guy with good intentions.but ultimately, it is up to your partner to decide if ………………… MANY women ask me for advise on a daily basis, and maybe an Indian man, with Indian mentality, might know a thing or two more than this Jersey Girl?Instead of coming up with defenses against each response they make, hear them out. Like a reporter, collect as much information as you can.Then spend the next few months formulating a strategy for convincing them.

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