Is lauren alaina dating taylor lautner

And she admits she's eager for her loyal fans to hear the new music."I've been working on [' Speak Now'] for two years," she says.Do you think Lauren Alaina and Kelly Osbourne look alike?

We've got the cute, awkwardness happening right now because @Lauren_Alaina & @johnbcrist just 'officially' shared they are together!

' so I went to, I guess your Wikipedia page, and that's what it said right at the top.

So I was like, 'Oh, I guess we have that in common.""So you just decided to throw it in there immediately?

But the country superstar, who has no problem pouring out personal details in song, chooses to remain silent on just who is the recipient of her apologies."It's such an interesting little quirk," Taylor tells USA Today.

"It's like, ' Obviously, you're writing songs about your life and you're almost admitting to these things.' But when it actually comes time to talk about them in an interview, I get pretty shy and coy about it."Taylor says she knows people are curious about her personal life, but in spite of selling millions of albums and performing in front of massive sold-out crowds, she is actually a very private person in her real life.

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