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Link for article above: Cameron Racing Engines Also see below.UPDATE The very first comment below points to another site building the JAP engines and actually building a new Brough Superior! On further reading the new Brough Superior site, the new engines are legally called JAP because the company has purchased the rights to the name and are, what might be termed, "continuations" since some components have been changed, the displacement has been increased, etc. They have a website at I found them most helpful for parts for a Villiers engine on a mower.(They also stock Villiers, Jap, BSA and Kohler parts). Peter, Thanks for pointing out the incorrect spelling of the name. The 4/2 was 245cc, 2.4bhp @ 2400rpm, Wico Mag A576BZ. Hi, First time posting in here, I tend to refurb a lot of old engines these days and have a JAP model 0 engine that I have more or less finished however, would anyone here know what the ignition timing is for the model 0 as I was under the impression that it was around 4 deg BTDC ?

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The industrial engine side was started after WWII and they made quite a range of engines, the largest being the Model 55 which was essemtially 2 X Model 5 engines on a common crankcase and an extra small flywheel at the other end of the crank. Zenith24T2I have a JAP engine handbook which gives service information like tappet clearances and ignition timing etc etc if you need more information. This book covers the motorcycle and industrial engines, including the racing V-twins as used on dirt-track bikes etc. When Wico started up in the UK, magnetos were imported from the USA. BTw when you get it to run, they always start first time. They do manufacture replacement parts for the originals as well which seems to be what Cameron Racing does.The new Brough Superior has the flexibility of putting the JAP name on new designs. seriel number are C/1/72405/S at the bottom: BA68955 over the bottom underneath of the bracket for ignition: HB2 the top of the block:14831F. I need some different parts before i can start it . maybe a new piston, gaskets and maybe some carburetor parts since the petrol seems to owerflow right trough. Im new here so if you know anything please mail me at [email protected] Norway There is reference to J. The seller indicated that it was a model 5 and you can make that out stamped somewhere on the shroud in one of the pictures shown. top other side: MC19054 At the air case in front of the engine its a logo stamped in with the numbers 1945 ..maybe the date.

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