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Make sure to let us know what your favorite match of hers is and also your favorite moment!Roman Reigns is an American professional wrestler, actor, former professional Canadian football player.He was a football player for one year at Escambia High School and three years at Pensacola Catholic High School. After that, he has been trained for wrestling as he related to a wrestler family. He has also defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania 32 to become a 3-time world heavyweight champion. There was a rumor that he has set to be The Miz’s next guest on Mix TV, giving him a platform to gloat about his big win against John Cena at Sunday’s No Mercy pay per view. Since 2014, WWE network has made unrelenting efforts to project him as the new “face of the company” and heir apparent to John Ageena, however, their efforts have continued to be met with overwhelming negative reactions from the fans and critics.He remains one of the most polarizing figures among fans of professional wrestling, but one thing is certain, Roman Reigns has made his way to the top and is determined to remain there for a long time to come.

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Currently, he has signed to WWE where he performs under the ring. He is well known for his appearance on ‘WWE Raw’ or ‘Monday Night Raw’. His father Sika Anna’I am a retired professional wrestler and name of his mother is Patricia A. He has one brother named Rosey(Matthew Tapunu’u Anoa’i). Roman grew up in a family of Wrestlers but his interest was in football.

In November 2017, Roman Reigns equally clinched the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

His stats are brilliant and he is also favoured by the WWE network, however, he hasn’t totally won the hearts of all wrestling fans.

Joe Anoaʻi a.k.a Roman Reigns is an American professional wrestler.

He comes from a family of professional wrestlers to which the famous WWE superstar-turned-actor “The Rock” belongs to.

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