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Her subsequent studio albums, Let It Die, released in 2004, and The Reminder, released in 2007, were critically acclaimed and commercially successful, selling over 2.5 million copies.The Reminder earned Feist four Grammy nominations, including a nomination for Best New Artist.A stubborn sense of optimism has carried them through two decades of band drama, and it also helps explain why they were at South By Southwest, a music festival better known for introducing young hopefuls than welcoming graying veterans of the road.A few days after SXSW, Drew is at a bistro in Manhattan, enjoying a small glass of Chardonnay and an avocado toast. ’ [more] than a Chardonnay at lunch,” he jokes in a text before we meet.) He’s excited to talk about Let’s Try the After Vol.

They later moved to Calgary, Alberta, where she attended Bishop Carroll High School as well as Alternative High School.

Broken Social Scene were on the road at the time, leaving little time for Drew to mourn the loss of his friend. That’s what you’re always trying to tell people: ‘Hey, wherever you are right now, even if you’re in the darkest ditch that you’ve ever seen, surrounded by puddles, there’s a lot of us that are there, and more who have been there and understand that.'” Drew pours another small glass of wine.

“I think we as a society hear bad news and immediately want to say, ‘It’s gonna be OK,'” he says. Grief is a shadow that can live inside you a long time, and we need to understand that.” While Introduce Yerself won and several Juno Awards, Drew expresses a little disappointment that more people haven’t heard its tender, honest songs, which take the form of a series of letters to Downie’s friends, family and other figures. “I’m in my forties now, and I want to enjoy what I can,” he says. I want people to be able to say, ‘He was a gentleman who you never knew what you were going to get, but he certainly had a good time before he left.'” He tells me to check out , the 2018 solo debut from Ariel Engle, who joined Broken Social Scene two years ago and shines on the Let’s Try the After EPs.

“I look at it as an extremely hopeful, beautiful record,” he says. This leads him to an appreciation of the many great women whose voices and songwriting have balanced out the band’s masculine energy over the years.

“But for a lot of people it’s just too sad for them.” I suggest that Broken Social Scene have succeeded because they offer fans a feeling of connection in a lonely world, and he seems to agree. “Amy Millan, Lisa Lobsinger, Emily Haines, Leslie Feist, Ariel Engle — we’ve been blessed,” he says. I mean honestly blessed by them and their wanting to sing in a five-guitar rock band.” Over the next three months, Broken Social Scene will be playing theaters and clubs in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle before heading to Europe for a few summer festival dates.

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