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Kev Jumba (Kevin Wu) is one of the top You Tube comedy stars to date (no doubt, the top You Tube star in Davis.) As an entering Art Major (now Communications Major) a part the UC Davis class of 2012, Kevin gained notoriety for his You Tube channel which began during his high school years.It is said that much of Kevin's humor is built around his Asian identity with his traditional Asian father playing a major role in his videos.Though many thought he’d lost his lifetime, it’s safe to understand that Kev is alive and safe. At 2008, he pioneered ‘Jumbafund’ with his You Tube channel only to get funds to the alleged.Kevin has given tens of thousands of dollars to a number of societal conglomerates, and he’s also lent a helping hand by establishing basic colleges in Kenya, Africa.As time goes by, the material and subject matter started to improve.From March 2007, his station started to achieve the recognition.

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In the year 2009, he embarked on a tourstarting a humorous musical plan to create awareness against the dreaded Hepatitis B.Kevin has a younger sibling whose first name is Kelly Wu.Kevin Wu was a pupil of Clement High School; situated in Sugarland, Texas, and went to California State University.Since his dad was a computer engineer, Kev Jumba made a fascination for internet surfing when he was at high school.He eventually became bewitched by the stand-up humor events of Dave Chapelle; a comedian-cum-actor. The very first video Kev Jumba postedwhere he’d a break-dance in his yard hardly gained any appreciation.

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