Lapsed catholic dating

If he goes to confession and receives the Sacrament of Confirmation, if I understand correctly, he is fully received back into the Church. I can’t stand the thought of it being over 2 years before we are able to wed over 7 months of being married, which was altogether miserable. I came to this forum because I am in a similar situation.They didn’t live together, her name never changed, and they never really even saw each other. My fiance was a lapsed Catholic and is now planning to re-enter the Church. He married her in July 2012 so that he could join the Air Force and retain rights to his daughter.If one is sworn into the military as a single/divorced parent, they have no rights whatsoever to their dependents.So, essentially, he married her for her paperwork and had no intention of staying married from the beginning.

We are protestants trying to come to the Catholic church, but are having to get this issue resolved first.its distressing to say the least Im wanting to become Catholic as through reflection I’ve come to believe it is the true Church however i’ve been married twice.I now know that I have to try and get an annulment of my first marriage, but I’m already civilly married and have been for 7 years … If you are currently in the process, how long have you been waiting? If you are currently in the process, how long have you been waiting?The really hard thing is that it is going to start impacting my children.

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