Lloyd banks dating olivia

All in all, it seems as if all of the members of G-Unit are happy. Olivia Theresa Longott who is an American R&B singer is widely known for contributing her vocals to the 50 Cent’s hit single titled as Candy Shop as well as for her debut album known as Olivia.She has been a cast member on VH1's Love & Hip Hop, where her quest to find the right record label home is chronicled.

Ayo, quit captain savin', serenadin' them hoes She no Juliet for no Romeo with no dough She report to pimpin', now back to trickin'She report to pimpin', nigga back to trickin'Ay hoe, get back to twerkin', back to workin'Get back to strippin', they back to tippin'Them stacks is fallin', they back to ballin'Them bottles poppin', bitch them hoes callin' us Quit fuckin' around, not playin' around bitch, shit is for real Quick makin' a stack, back makin' some mill, I mean, get us a deal Bitch fix us a meal, tell me how does it feel? P., and I'mma let it go 'til the clip go empty He think he fuckin' my bitch, nigga that bitch for rent He know how to treat a hoe, I mean all that money spent She say you a sweetheart, a sweetheart Things tend to go a little different round here, we pimpin' nigga I'm getting big money, started going hard keep a nigga from hatin'Remove the white bitch, nigga Google this shit we interracial dating This is a new wave, I'm a new Wraith, my nigga sit on suede Like I'm Special Ed, but I ain't Special Ed, bitch I got it made We here to make the paper, hope you niggas on the same page You know boy in the hood'll have you running like Ricky from a 12 gauge You know my bottom bitch, I done told I'd break a nigga 12 ways A few tricks a day, that there keep the bill collectors away You hear my name on the street, circulating, you heard I'm cakin'These niggas try to compete, perpetratin', what's percolating?

In 2009, Olivia did a feature for Congolese singer Fally Ipupa on his song "Chaise Électrique" which was on the top of the Congolese and African Hits.

On April 12, 2011 she released her first music video for "December" the first single from her upcoming 2012 album, Show The World.

As far as his ongoing situation with Floyd Mayweather, 50 said that he'd “fight [Mayweather] in the street." He went on to say that Mayweather is like his younger brother.

Charlamagne then asked 50 when did he notice Floyd's reading ability isn't up to par, 50 said, "he would pass it and give it to someone else to read it." 50 also commented on Floyd and Ross relationship and pointing out that Mayweather flew Rick Ross's baby mama and kid out to chill with him in 2009 at the 29 minute mark.

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