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These are primarily ad-supported services, without any kind of hidden fees or charges, and they are all 100% legitimate – no pirating allowed. Speaking of ethics…every college student and broke 20-something in the world knows about the free trials offered by Netflix, Hulu, and the rest.Personally, I can remember rotating credit card numbers and email addresses so I could keep my Hulu premium subscription going for a few months.

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If the Mad Hacking Bandit steals Amazon’s entire database, all he or she has access to is your virtual card – the one that you set to expire the day after you made your purchase. Since you have an endless supply of credit card numbers, you can continue doing this for as many months as you want the subscription service. So, decide if you can live with yourself or not before taking this route. The main one is that you’re going to lose all your watched-show history, because you’re creating a “new” account every time.For movie fans, there is more fantastic content available now than ever before, in theory.The rise of streaming has made it possible for vast film libraries to be accessible to the entire world via the Internet.There are many legal ad-supported streaming sites that are absolutely free, and while you may have to shop around to find the content you’re looking for, you can get a wealth of entertainment without having to pay anything other than a bit of your time for ads.Below, we present our favorite sites and apps that will let you legally watch movies for free online without having to hand over your credit card.

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