Local shag no credit card

Embodying a marvelously modern look with its varied layers of pattern and coloring current trend is sure to take center stage in any home ...The Artistic Weavers Hilda collection is inspired by the Scandinavian trend that is celebrated for its simplicity warm functionality clean lines and understated elegance.Small rug: 5' x 7'6"Large rug: 7'6" x 9'6" Credit Card? Create a classic atmosphere reminiscent of the 1970s with the warmth of a shag area rug.With its repetitive geometric pattern this rug creates ...Blending both size and shape to fashion an utterly glamorous multilayered design the flawless rugs found within this collection will surely define charm in your space.For a kids’ playroom or bedroom, consider adding a brightly colored green, red or pink shag carpet to infuse whimsy and comfort into the area.If you’re looking to enhance your décor, it’s difficult to resist the softness and appeal of today’s modern shag rugs.

Usually made by hand, these rugs feature wool fibers that are twisted into noodle shapes, creating a soft, plush texture.

Familiarize yourself with the types and colors available before making your decision.

Shag Rug Types Polypropylene shag rugs are the most common type.

Add shimmer and shine to your sofa or bed with this fabulously soft throw pillow.

The Sparkle Shag Pillow is hand-tufted of super soft polyester pile with a pop of LUREX® to add just a touch of sparkle.

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