Male psychology dating the chase

It’s the classic case of not appreciating something until it’s gone.

The reason we tend to appreciate it after it’s gone is because “we want what we don’t have.”. When you spot him your natural inclination is to HOLD ONTO HIM. In this case our “natural instinct” are telling us to the do the very thing we shouldn’t do! if you want a man to treasure you, cherish you, work hard to please you, place you as his number 1 priority and set up the course of your relationship the RIGHT way, you must start by getting him to chase you.

It took me years to save up my Mazda 3 and after two years it still looked brand new.

Deep down, men are always competing with one another to prove they’re better. Imagine saving an entire year to buy a car vs simply having a car given to you.

But what you’re really doing is looking for a “bandaid-solution” to a gashing cut of a problem.

The price you pay for seeking a MAN to solve your problem is that you’ll often come across needy, clingy and desperate.

Women who do not understand this concept actually DEVALUE themselves in front of men. You know, you meet a great guy who’s smart, handsome, successful and have good family values.. When a man flips on that “chase” instinct for you, it instantly RAISES your perceived value.

When you devalue yourself, men do not pursue you because they don’t need to pursue you. Even if deep down, you don’t feel you’re that special or unique, he isn’t going to think that.

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