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He says "The guitar lessons on this DVD are made for those who have never touched a guitar in their lives, but also for the more advanced players who want to learn fingerstyle guitar." Sounds like an overview, so something more focused toward your level might be better. The OP hasn't really said if he is interested in learning fingerpicking patterns to accompany singing (ala PP&M)or fingerstyle instrumentals (ala MJH). I've been looking for a new show to binge watch, and I saw "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" on a list of all-time great TV shows, so I decided to give it a try.Getting rid of a guy that pawed her didn't make Mary a damaged victim, it showed how tough she was. You showed him." I found it odd that all of the guys she met looked as though they'd just walked off the set of a cheap porn flick. I wouldn't see a population of men that uniformly stupid until Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman came on in the '90s.I guarantee that no one who watched the show at the time thought the kinds of things you're thinking here. You have to keep in mind that the show is a sitcom ("situation comedy") and as sitcoms do, especially in the era when MTM was being made, they tended to recycle the same general plot lines again and again and again.I think of fingerstyle as these really great solo guitarists who can play a melody, a bass line and sometimes another part of a song all at once. They will play vocal parts as a lead melody on the higher strings.I think of fingerpicking as playing arpeggios to accompany a vocal part instead of strumming the chords.On "the Mary Tyler Moore Show", Mary would have to fend off some obnoxious jerk would-be suitor. It's not going to spoil anything to say Howard Arnell will show up a couple more times in the next few seasons (fun fact - Richard Schaal, who played Howard, was the real-life husband of Valerie Harper.) It's also not going to spoil anything to say Mary occasionally will date some not creepy dudes over the next few seasons.It's just a routine staple plot line for the show that the writers found worked well one time, so they did it again and it worked as well. The show is about an attractive, young-ish, single woman, after all.

I've watched the first 17 episodes, and there is one thing I have noticed so far: there are way more episodes than I expected where Mary has to give some creepy dude the brush-off.Are your goals (Original poster) more of the first example or the second one? I HIGHLY reccomend Stefan Grossman's Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques DVD. Here's a link Eltjo Hasselhoff is a great fingerstyle player and a funny guy to boot. has a link on the site for online lessons, as well.Most of the responses are great for learning basic fingerpicking. He's just released an instructional DVD on fingerstyle. It's almost that time of year when he posts his Christmas video, but you can see past ones here. a lots of ways to start fingerstyle, and this is just one.I got going with Neil Young, John Denver, Peter Paul and Mary (dating myself for sure). It will give you strong foundation on thumb rhythm and melody playing. One of the first fingerstyle tunes I learned was "Dust In The Wind", by Kansas. Which is placing notes between standard beats (1 and 2 and three and four and one and three and four and so on...) Excellent place to start is Happy Traum's Demystifying Alternate Thumb video.

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