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According to users, only one of these folders can be deleted, so delete one Junk folder and check if that solves the problem.If you don’t want to delete this folder, you can also rename it and that will solve the problem as well.error message, the problem might be your Outlook account.Sometimes your Outlook account can get corrupted, and in order to fix this issue, it’s advised to remove your Outlook account.

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In case you’re not familiar, the POP protocol is older, and it has certain disadvantages over the newer IMAP protocol.Keep in mind that removing your Outlook account won’t remove your emails from Microsoft servers, so you should be still able to access them.Once you remove your Outlook account, add it once again and check if that solves the issue.The POP protocol will download the email from the server so you can always read emails on your device, even if you’re not online.However, this means that POP protocol doesn’t support email synchronization, so if you delete an email from one device, it will be still available on your other device since it’s downloaded to your hard drive.

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