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Por eso me conformo con buena compañía que me haga reír y estár agusto.Que podamos compartir hobbies porque aveces cansa ir sola a los sitios. Me encantan los gatos,no fumo ni bebo y no soporto el humo.

Nan Madol was the capital of the Saudeleur Dynasty until about 1628.

The brothers arrived in a large canoe seeking a place to build an altar so that they could worship Nahnisohn Sahpw, the god of agriculture.

After several false starts, the two brothers successfully built an altar off Temwen Island, where they performed their rituals.

In legend, these brothers levitated the huge stones with the aid of a flying dragon.

When Olisihpa died of old age, Olosohpa became the first Saudeleur.

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