Milton highschool graudating class of 1964

In 2008, Webster County High School was opened for Webster County students.GHSA Basketball State Champs: Boys Class C: 1962 (1981-2006)Created when Baker County High School merged with Mitchell County High School.(1936- )The oldest high school in Cobb County, Osborne was established in 1881 as Olive Springs Community School. Merged with Hoke Smith Technical School in 1984 to create Southside Comprehensive High School.In 1936, it was renamed Robert L Osborne School in honor of the principal who grew the tiny school into a fully accredited high school. GHSA Basketball State Champs: Boys Class A: 1949 (????GIA Football Class A State Champs: 1958GIA Boys Basketball Class A State Champs: 1954, 58, 60 (1945-1973)I "believe" the school is actually older than this, albeit under a different name. In 1937, the school moved from its old home on 29th St. and was renamed Jordan Vocational High School in honor of the school's founder, G. GHSA Basketball State Champs: Boys Class A: 1943 Boys Class 3A: 2007 (1828-???? The current La Grange High School traces its origin back to 1903. GHSA Basketball State Champs: Boys Class A: 1952 Boys Class 3A: 1963, 65, 77 Girls Class 4A: 1983, 84 Lucy C.

(1909-1970)The AHS sports teams were the Maroons until it was changed to Trojans in the 1940's.

They began adding high school grades in 1939, graduating their first class from Christ the King High School in 1943. GIA Girls Basketball Class A State Champs: 1959, 60, 62 (????

-1975, 1994- )"Prior to the 1975-76 school year, there were two high schools in Dade County.

In 1994, the school name was changed from Northwest Georgia to Dade County High School." (Source: (1981- )Our only source for this is that Dooly County High School played GHSA football in 1981 and Vienna High School disappeared from the scoreboard at the same time. often visited the center and prepared for the 1963 Birmingham civil rights campaign while at Dorchester Academy. Duluth High School combined with Norcross High School for one year (1957-58) as West Gwinnett High School until moving into their new building on Brock Road for the 1958-59 school year. The name was changed when the school moved into a new building at Depot St. (1957-1992)Created when Rome High School split into East & West. The current building was opened in the fall of 1970.

Did Vienna High School consolidate with someone to create Dooly County High School? Ended when East & West consolidated into a new Rome High School. The school was integrated into Washington County High School. GIA Basketball State Champs: Boys Class C: 1958GHSA Basketball State Champs: Girls Class A: 1973, 75 Girls Class AA: 1995 (????

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