Minneapolis phone dating trial

Goeltz's said they were dismayed and angered that Fleming was charged with a gross misdemeanor, not a felony. According to a Go Fund Me established for Goeltz, she was a single mother.

"We've got a driver who was texting, and he kills someone, and he's charged with a misdemeanor," Tom Goeltz told the Pioneer Press last year. Her dauther, Paisley, was 3 at the time of the fatal crash.

They'll be called into the courtroom starting Wednesday to be questioned by lawyers for the prosecution and defense in smaller groups.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals provides the citizens of Minnesota with prompt and deliberate review of all final decisions of the trial courts, state agencies, and local governments.

The questionnaire agreed upon by both sides in the Noor trial asks potential jurors about experiences with Somali-Americans and whether they believe police officers are more credible than other witnesses.

Attorneys from both sides will use the information in the questionnaires to try to assess where the potential jurors may respond to their arguments during trial.

In Minnesota, jurors are chosen at random from lists of people who have obtained identification cards, driver's licenses and have registered to vote.

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On Monday morning, 75 potential jurors in the Noor trial reported to the Hennepin County Government Center.In a trial like Noor's, the defense receives five peremptory challenges and the prosecution receives three, unless the judge rules otherwise.One exception is that people cannot be struck from the jury pool because of their race, although that can be very difficult to prove.The attorneys on the opposite side can contest the request.The judge rules whether to excuse the potential juror or not. After the jury pool is reduced through eliminating potential jurors for cause, the attorneys on both sides can use what's called a "peremptory challenge," which means they can strike people from the pool without stating a reason.

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