My wife is dating another man who is sheridan smith dating

She told him how sweet I was that I was happy when she was happy and that I got pleasure when she got pleasure. I had already thanked him for making an inappropriate comment on my wife's body. Again, I was surprised that there was a stirring in my dick as I pulled out her most revealing dress and lacy panties as well as stockings and garter belt. It was clearly not a familiar situation; that is quite an understatement.He said, "so your husband did not object to your going out with me for a drink? But his voice did not compute with the image I had of some nebbish. I felt like a recruit standing at attention in the presence of a superior officer. She told me that you could not give her the attention she deserved and I think she deserves a whole lot of attention. Now he was telling me to be a message boy for him to ensure that my wife was displaying her body for him - and what about the garter belt and stockings. I knew with the strapless dress she would need her sexy shelf bra and I got that out as well, envisioning the display of all that magnificent tit flesh this would afford him. I intend this to be like a first high school date, but he is a man and not a boy. I mean I do not want to get into a make out session. I mean it is unheard of in general and polite society for a married woman to be dating, let alone with her husband's consent. Was it that he led a lonely life and spent time observing human folly and this made him feel superior?He was checking out her tits and what else was he doing to my wife? However, I understand that it is a common courtesy for a woman to invite her date in for a drink and a thank you kiss. I could see that he accepted the invitation and his tongue invaded my wife's mouth.So get us a drink." I am embarrassed to admit that I submissively did as he told me. Soon they were lashing their tongues in and out of their mouths.Again I had feelings of incompetence, inadequacy, inferiority.

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Her silent statement said that she had surrendered to him.I guess he understood my silent inaction for he placed his hand on my wife's ass again and looked directly at me, giving it several seconds to ensure I understood our relative positions. She did not take action to have him remove his hand nor did she object. I could not see her face, and it was only when he said, "OK; let's go" and she turned that I saw that she was blushing furiously and hanging her head.As I sat at home, waiting for my wife to return, I again was surprised at how exciting I thought it was that my wife, in her revealing dress, was on a date with another man. He must have seen the look of surprise on my face because he said, "You look surprised. With that he placed one hand behind her head and pulled her face down to his and their lips met and my wife's parted.Some time ago, my wife, Kathy, came home and told me in a perplexed way that the new guy at work, Alan, had asked her out for a drink. He was short, a bit overweight, thinning hair, balding, older than she was which was 42 at the time, and "unattractive" with thick glasses and big, fleshy lips. "I told him I was married, of course." "Well it must have been nice to be asked on a date. Now I had formed an image of my wife with this man, holding hands, dancing, just sitting at a table having dinner. In fact, she had put on a little weight in the 20 years we were married, but in all the right places, I thought. Her waist was 28 inches with just a little swell of the belly, which I liked. He was really "manly, commanding, quite forceful, no that's not the word, maybe masterful." She felt she could not say no. When Kathy came home, I told her about the call in as nonchalant voice as I could, as if I was asking her to pass the salt. I know I have neglected you a bit lately and do not mind Alan standing in for me and taking you out like I wish I could, but you know this project is occupying all my time right now." I said. If she told him she could not date due to her marital status, I suspected he would use his "masterful" way to get her to change her mind. Certainly she was right to think that things like this could happen. In essence, I was telling my wife that what Alan wanted mattered more than what I (or she, for that matter) wanted, essentially that I was irrelevant. I was letting Alan decide where to take my wife and how she would be dressed in public.Now when my wife says unattractive, I take it to mean ugly. He kept to himself, which my wife thought was a result of his unfortunate looks and a corresponding lack of confidence. I asked if he was surprised at her reversing her decision. He said that yesterday her marriage prevented her from going for a drink with him and he knew she did not get divorced in 24 hours. Her answer was that she had talked to her husband and he felt bad about how much he had to work and that he could not give her the attention she deserved. Also he would probably, rightfully, argue, that being married was a barrier only if her husband objected. I was working from home on the project that I was assigned so I took time out to arrange her outfit for her date with Alan. When she gave voice to them, I imagined them and was excited. I could not see her expression, but it must have been one of surprise. It was awkward, to say the least, when Alan arrived to pick up my wife.

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