Nigerian dating scam email im

was a Brazilian bank at the centre of the 419 scam, which was described as the “single biggest advanced fee fraud case in the whole world” by the former chairman of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu. The money was remitted by swift transfers through various banks to accounts controlled by Nigerian nationals, Ikechukwu Christian Anajemba, Emmanuel Odinigwe Nwude, Nzeribe Okoli and Amaka Anajemba (wife of Ikechukwu Christian Anajemba).The Nigerians, in a 419 plan, came up with a fake contract to build an airport in Abuja.John Rempel of Leamington, Ontario, got an email back in July, 2007 from someone claiming to be a lawyer with a client named David Rempel who died in a 2005 bomb attack in London, England, and left behind .8 million dollars.The scammer will usually say it’s a long-lost relative or the victim, or the deceased millionaire had no relatives so they sought for someone who shared the same last name. “He sounded very happy and said God bless you.”The man told him he had to pay ,500 to transfer the money into his name.

Anajemba too pleaded guilty and she received a two and half-year sentence after agreeing to give back .5 million.He made his way to Mexico, where his farm-owning uncle gave him cash and money for a plane ticket.He said: “I had ,000 in cash in my pocket and my uncle sent another ,000 when I was over there.”Once in London, Rempel met “some people” and handed over the k.He rang his contact who said he’d get further supplies.Rempel flew back to Leamington and waited several weeks until a call which confirmed more formula was available for 0,000. i could understand a bill after getting the money but not before so because of this i will now go and investigate the irish lotto to see how this has come about..

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