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So we’re simplifying things and bringing together all Nest and Google Home products under one roof.

Whether you’re looking to secure your home, or want to catch your cleaner stealing, hidden cameras are a novel way to boost your home security.

While not illegal, it usually makes more sense to your system — enabling record functionality only when the house is empty.

Regardless of your system, you should always double check your local state laws before configuring anything more complex than a basic anti-intruder system.

The bulb still operates as a normal LED light, and you can operate it remotely via the app.

This introductory video by You Tube channel Gato Cam shows off this camera’s capabilities nicely: Like the camera above, this lens is unfortunately visible when looking at the bulb — although who would think to check the lightbulbs for cameras?

You’ll need a micro SD card if you wish to record any video, so make sure you check out our micro SD card buying guide Measuring just less than one inch square, and with a magnetic back, you can easily attach this tiny camera almost anywhere.

With a built in battery, and 1080p image quality, this is one camera that no one will ever spot.

Generally speaking, the use of hidden cameras in your own home is legal in most states, but recording in certain circumstances can be illegal, as can recording for nefarious purposes.Unfortunately, such a small camera comes with a few trade offs.There’s no wireless control via an app, so you’ll need to manually start and stop recording.If analog clocks are more your thing, this 1080p wall clock camera [No Longer Available] will easily blend into any room, and the built in battery should last more than enough time to protect your home in the unlikely event of a power cut.If you’re looking to get really stealthy, the Conbrov IP camera is cleverly disguised as an ordinary PIR sensor.

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