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Mastercard said Tuesday that it would no longer process these payments; on Wednesday, Visa followed suit.Since American Express did the same earlier this year, that leaves Bitcoin as the only current means of paying for adult ads on Backpage.But if this newest expansion of the power of costumed clowns to ruin the lives of others by signing a piece of paper doesn't bother you, I have to wonder if you're even awake.If you like a girl you can join and tip using Chaturbate's token system. You can also choose to go to a group show or a private show.Of course, this won't "stop prostitution," no matter what Dart and his accomplices pretend.Whores found clients for millennia without the Internet, and before long those who advertise on Backpage will either find a new venue or learn to disguise their ads as something other than escorting (just as they did when Craigslist shut down its adult ad section under government pressure; now sex workers simply use the site's "personals" section).

If you are interested in more general outreach, see the NHTRC's general human trafficking indicator card."Institutions such as yours have the moral, social and legal right to step up on this pervasive problem and make a fundamental and everlasting difference."As you can see, Dart makes little distinction between "sex trafficking"—generally understood to mean forced or coerced commercial sexual activity—and the much more common phenomenon of consensual prostitution.It's a common conflation, backed by the idea that women are such brainless, innocent creatures we're unable to have sex for reasons other than pleasure or romance; the idea of actually from men's desire to have sex with us would never enter our fluffy, pink little brains.So, even if a woman says she's doing sex work voluntarily, she's either lying or suffering from "Stockholm syndrome," and has actually been coerced by a "pimp."Nevermind that the racially-charged stereotypical "pimp" is so rare he might as well be a chupacabra, and that even among underage sex workers only about 16 percent have ever even a pimp (much less worked with one).Loudmouthed cops, radical feminists, religious fanatics, and other ignoramuses who wouldn't be caught dead talking to a sex worker like me say that we're all dominated by "pimps" and the media obediently regurgitates whatever the prohibitionists feed them.

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