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Abandonment is a simple non-user of an easement; and in order to malce out an effectual answer to the claim upon that ground, all the acts of enjoyment must have totally ceased for the same length of time that was necessary to create the original presumption.

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Where a mill-owner suffers his mill and dam to go to decay and ceases to flow the land until a highway is made across the land, it is an abandonment. A short summary of the facts of a case, an extract from an opinion, or the writer's own synopsis of the points decided will often furnish to the reader who has not time or opportunity to examine the report itself, all that he desires. — A written contract to furnish "a room that is improved and suitable" for ■ a certain purpose is fulfilled by furnish- ing such a room, a. In the skill and accuracy with which this is done will lie much of the value of the work. petition as necessary for the construc- tion of the improvement, a certain por- tion may be left out if not needed. of such examples as will put the local practitioner in possession of the line of decisions of special value to him. " A" Sea, — After the sailing of a vessel, an agent for insurers inserted in the " live-cattle clause" of a policy issued to -cover such vessel, among the dangers in- sured against, any loss occasioned by " a sea." Held, that this did not limit insured to a loss occasioned by the force of a single wave, and that where cattle were -carried between decks, and were injured by the tossing of the ship by heavy waves, it would render insurers liable. The citations are made with great care, the aim being to collate as many of the cases as is possible, and particularly to secure all the leading and latest cases up to the date ,of publication.

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