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Maybe to realize that so many more women have rich stories than just the famous.Maybe, we can appreciate how far we have traveled from the days when women had three choices: nurse, teacher or secretary.She recalls, “My identity as a woman, a professional, and a mother — although no longer a wife — had to be reconstructed, even if I didn’t know how exactly.” One day while visiting a shiva, a Jewish house of mourning, an acquaintance asked her if she wanted to teach.

Maybe the hope that our daughters can show the same moxie and make their own luck.

So, she chose what felt like the next closest thing — becoming a math teacher.

“I stayed in the field of numbers and hoped I could transmit my passion to the next generation,” she says.

Jill Ebstein is the editor of the “At My Pace” series of books – At My Pace: Twenty Somethings Finding Their Way” (April 2018), “At My Pace: Lessons from Our Mothers” (Nov.

2016) and “At My Pace: Ordinary Women Tell Extraordinary Stories” (2015).

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