Older women dating younger men in movies

But for younger guys, who grew up with the MILF, older women seem exotic.

If a woman falls for a younger man, there must be something wrong, right?

Not according to best-selling author and relationship expert Susan Winter.

My cubbing experience began in the warm-up area outside the dressage ring at a horse competition. It was the first time since my divorce two years earlier, and it felt like a safe way to dip my toe back in.

The way competitions are arranged, you can sometimes find yourself in the ring with a rider who went to the Olympics or, in this case, a man who is a lot younger than you. It was one of those nights when two people tell each other everything about their lives. I wasn’t going to have a relationship with a young guy, so there was no possibility it was going to work. After most of my friends got divorced, they dabbled with a younger man.

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There has been a historical frequency in film for older men to be depicted in romantic relationships with younger, sometimes much younger, women.

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