Optical dating archaeology

The ends of the PVC tube are capped, preventing the sample from exposure to light.Theoretically, only one end of the tube is exposed to sunlight—therefore the scientist analyzing the OSL sample can then select grains that were from the middle of the tube.The Geoprobe was necessary in order to penetrate the thick layers of shell that were present on the site. Each core was collected using opaque black tubes to prevent its exposure to sunlight.Using this technique, the investigators will use the OSL dates to develop a chronological framework for different parts of the site.He began his education in Florida where he received his Ph. Rink returned to Florida several years ago to work on the Salt Springs site near Palatka. Rink and his associates specialize in a special type of geochronology called Optical Stimulated Luminescence—or OSL for short–that is used to date archaeological sites and geological features.

It will be a major breakthrough; however, dating such ancient soils will require an extremely long exposure to sunlight in order for this technique to be useful. Well, you could collect your samples at night, but then it becomes difficult to see your work and write your notes!

Quartz and quartzite accumulate energy in them through time.

This energy comes from the breakdown of very small quantities of radioactive materials that are locally present in the earth’s crust.

These organisms are constantly burrowing through the soils and continually moving grains of sand up and down.

This movement of soils is one of the reasons why Dr. Many of the mounds and midden that are located at the site are composed of alternating layers of shell and soil.

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