Orginal dating

, Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons and his wife Justine Simmons invited viewers into their home and their personal lives, providing a squeaky-clean hip-hop spin on the celeb-reality format first popularized by in the early '00s.Evidently looking to stretch their legs creatively, the real-life husband and wife duo star as lightly fictionalized versions of themselves in this ultra-formulaic family sitcom, which started life as a pilot at ABC before ending up at Netflix.(Tony Danza), a dirty cop who did time in jail for corruption and is -- twist! Part police procedural, part father-son buddy cop show, it all blandly comes together for an overwritten odd-couple saga, glued together with noir-like swipes from scene to scene.It’s a shame series creator Andy Breckman couldn’t tap the same wellspring of neurosis as he did for Whether you've read the source material or not, Brian Yorkey's adaptation of the YA sensation will ensnare you.In the second season, the family dog eats a corn cob and life lessons ensue.

but doesn't really make much effort at all to flesh out its characters, dialogue, or conflict, so the sobriety narrative becomes even more stilted.

manny for a spoiled brat kid of another DJ (Piper Perabo)? This show, from husband and wife duo Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco, looks like an ensemble comedy, but it's much more of a fucked-up love story.

When you hit play, you'll meet two cheaters and their friends from Harvard, all of whom make some reaaaaaally bad decisions.

The saga follows Clay (Dylan Minnette), a loner of a high schooler, as he tries to defog his crush's mysterious rationale for suicide.

(Viewer discretion advised: suicide, drinking, and sexual assault.) The heartbreak is real. In this show, Michael Douglas stars as Sandy Kominsky, a washed-up acting coach teaching his craft to mostly starry-eyed millennial students, and Alan Arkin plays his best friend and agent.

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