Problems updating windows xp pack 2

# Why do I need Service Pack 2 if I have anti-virus and a firewall enabled?

XP SP2 contains features that every home users requires.

I am glad to hear you have anti-virus and firewall software installed, but SP2 goes far beyond this...

I shall be updating the following article very soon but by reading it you will get a more comprehensive overview of what is in XP SP2.: I've been using the free version of Zone Alarm.

If you are very confident on your PC then take a look at Spy Bot 1.3, however be prepared to have to learn how to use it...# My thought about SP2 is concerning what I read in PC World Mag.Do you think it's a good idea to go ahead and allow it to all download before it's been used for a few months by the majority of XP users? There has already been a huge amount of testing done on XP SP2 and it is proving to be very stable. I have my auto download on for windows updates and it downloaded several SP2 updates on my pc.Should I uninstall it/them, or will it not hurt my system.

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