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Give me a break Ed " Adam Corolla" -- all men should be able. The Bachelor, Season 7: Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice.He's now sober and still acting, and he's now dating Playboy model Anna Sophia Berglund.Bachelor Padstruggling to overcome his feelings during a date with new love interest Sarah Newlon. As the runners up, Jaclyn and Ed also get to enjoy an overnight date.Ed fell in the pool as Sarah answered a question wrong, but that still meant that Chris and Sarah won! Former game show host and news anchor Chris Harrison reprises his role.Apparently, she claims he’s been seen with different women, to which Lindzi looks like a tanorexic deer in headlights.This all comes after Ericka Rose says she’s not good at lying or manipulating; somehow, I would disagree with that. Next up, Michael hops into the hot seat to re-hash his dramatic exit and his relationship with Rachel.If I wanted to re-cap the season’s best moments, I’d re-read my posts.

But the point of a reunion is to ask such important questions like, "Are Blakeley and Tony still together? Both those couples are still together and are apparently head over heels for each.Drama you hear/read just isn’t the same as the train wreck you witness.Upon introductions of the cast, no one claps for the twins or Jamie, and the defending champ Michael gives the audience a homo-sexy wave.Michael called Rachel his “girlfriend” and “didn’t want to close the book” on their relationship, otherwise known as “friends with long distance benefits”.Hatchet Face, who was apparently trying to be like Britney or Ashley, says she played the most loyal game.

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