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You may not feel you need such an intervention to get along better with your carpool partner, but the basic principles of ECCP could prove translatable to a variety of situations involving communication, particularly when you feel stuck. If you’re too focused on what you should say next, you’ll miss opportunities to follow up on good talking points right in front of you. No matter whether the person you’re talking to is your romantic partner or a relative stranger, if you come across as judgmental, the other person will feel less like confiding in you. Look for obvious cues as conversation jumping-off points.

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In couples, as they point out, “healthy communication nurtures human relationship." ECCP trains couples over the course of a nine-module series.Honing your abilities in this way will give you greater confidence to help other conversations flow in the future.Being able to keep the conversation going can certainly build the bonds between you and the people you care about the most.You might not want to get into a serious political discussion with someone you hardly know, but some events from the national or local news can present interesting tidbits. Just as meetings run more smoothly with a predetermined set of topics, your social conversations could benefit from similar planning.There certainly is plenty going on to provide rich fodder for conversation, as long as you steer clear of particularly sensitive topics. If you know you’ll be in the car with your carpool partner for an hour, think of three or four things you think would be fun to kick around. A quiet interlude in an otherwise lively conversation doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is doomed, or that you’ve become uninteresting.

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