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Concerning the scheduled anniversary of the website we prepared the next article "We Compare Averages, as well as...", useful to readers .

In it the advantage of comparison not only group averages, but also comparison and other parameters speaks to researchers in medicine and biology.

In article the great value of detection not of normal distribution of a sign is explained. The photo report from a seminar on biometrics in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. "Atheist believes that, instead of the church need to build a hospital.

What is the major argument according to the formulation of the list of check of interrelations of the major signs of the conducted research. Features of logistic regression in psychiatry, psychology and sociology. An example of use of logistic regression for calculation of the forecast of a result of operational treatment. Logistic regression - "top of the pyramid." And in the "foundation" - what? Responses of listeners of a seminar on biometrics in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky The new structure of the Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences on fight against a pseudo science is approved. Atheist believes that instead of prayer we must do the work.

TSPU Student council is an action group consisting of student youth and created for realization of student ideas.

Student council is operating on principles of self-government, independent, responsible joint activities of students that do care about their destiny and destiny of their generation.

The Council fulfils the following activities: promotion of healthy life-style, active citizenship, encouragement of students’ scientific, studying and social activities, awarding with personal grants, development of social projects and support of students’ initiatives.

International magazine of medical practice, 2007, issue 2, p. The list of scientific and educational publications on biometrics and statistics Materials on science of science Biometrics history Statistical reviewing of articles and dissertations Long farewell to a lysenkovshchina...Thus, in November, 2017 to our website 20 years are executed...Regular readers of our website sent us the congratulations what we are grateful to them for.The first event conducted by the group was dedicated to the World AIDS Day.Activists of TSPU of patriotic education regularly participates in sport and patriotic events, organizes projects for school students and manages TSPU club of self-defense where students can find out how to effectively protect themselves in dangerous situation. Main objectives of TSPU student club include: promotion of creativity, realization of creative potential, organization of students’ leisure-time, creation of clubs.

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