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However, it's her outstanding performance of the complex person Choi, that shows that she hasn't only got what it takes to be a supporting actor, but that she also can handle the burdens of a main actress with ease.

Hopefully, we'll see her in the spotlight again in her future movies.

He gets assigned 27 years old student teacher Choi Hong (Kang Hye-jeong), who he instantly falls in love with.

Although he has a girlfriend for about 6 years Lee tells Choi straightforward that he wants to have sex with her.

Because the word of a man is of more importance and credibility than hers she has become an individual outcast by society, who can only stand up again, when she turns the tables and discredits a man herself. To watch her evolvement and maturing isn't just interesting, but one also obtains satisfaction out if it.

A romance/drama with a message, that doesn't make use of any cliches and which is a welcome change to your typical Korean romance stuff!

The movie does take itself very serious as a drama, yet also delivers a few unconventional jokes.

The intensity of the film is mainly achieved because of its charming and interesting protagonists, nonetheless, the plot is also quite good.

The way Choi rejects him is even more disconcerting.

The role woman takes up in Korean society is as much in the center of events as themes like sex or love are.

What's making the movie interesting is that this time your typical love story is told from backwards to forwards.

We instantly start to hate him, but Park manages the seemingly impossible to change into a caring, protecting and likeable friend, who somehow has more feelings for Choi than he wants to admit to himself.

The hardly understandable actions, odd behavior and strange situations in which Lee and Choi oftentimes are involved in only make sense in retrospect, when we get to know the characters a little bit better and are introduced to their past.

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