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The restaurant was about to close and we had to go elsewhere or part ways.

Even though I was bored, I wasn’t ready to go home, and I wanted to get a second drink. He was good-looking enough, but I wasn’t going to be able to get it up for a boring tech dude.

He was a software engineer or did something in tech (as they all did). I don’t think he asked me a single question about myself.

Our date—if you call these impromptu Internet meetings, dates—lasted an hour.

But Reifman’s post confirmed that as Amazon grows, the number of (boring) men grows too.

The gender disparity is bad enough in San Francisco that one company, The Dating Ring, has resorted to flying women into San Fran from other cities. “I’ve lived in Seattle for seven years, single most of them,” Annie Pardo, a 31-year-old freelance event and communications consultant in Seattle, wrote in an email.

He wore a T-shirt bearing the logo of a 1990s industrial band—maybe it was NIN or Skinny Puppy—and paired it with formless dad jeans, but high on his newfound power drank four or five “special” drinks from the craft cocktail bar, Canon, ordered the foie gras, and racked up a 0 bill in less than two hours. I was not impressed.) He spent the entire time talking about his job and the opportunities it was going to bring him.

@Iamuhura wrote: “I honestly am thankful every single day that I’m no longer single. But they think they’re 11s and spew that entitlement wherever they go.” Even men had something (nasty) to say: Wrote one guy to my request, that I “want to hear about your dating life how the men in the tech industry have changed it”: “I think you accidentally said ‘changed,’ but what you meant was ‘ruined forever with their awfulness.’” Why were they so awful?

What was it about guys who work in tech that made them worse than lawyers or other white-collar industries?

These guys—and as Reifman pointed it out, it’s very nearly always guys (75 percent of Amazon’s workforce is made up of dudes!

)—are making K or more a year for their second or third job out of college, and their presence was driving the rents up in Seattle to near New York City numbers.

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