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If you're worried about timing and the fact that the default scan schedule is only once a day as well as the collection update schedule, it's really easy to just change the schedule to meet your needs.

Just keep in mind that you'll need to update both the Security Group Discovery schedule the Collection Update schedule.

Simple Boundaries on do nothing, they must be added to one or more boundary groups in order to work.

We will create 4 Content Boundary groups, add only their AD Site Boundary and assign their local Distribution Point. You can have multiples boundaries and Site System in your Boundary Groups if needed.Beginning with SCCM 2012 supports overlapping boundary configurations for content location.When a client requests content, and the client network location belongs to multiple boundary groups, Configuration Manager sends the client a list of all Distribution Points that have the content.Then you can create rule based collections with queries that filter on the attribute class. The raw SQL for this type of query is provided in taylord1's answer.

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