Scott caan dating lauren german

It's soon discovered that the main suspect in Rick Peterson, Danny's ex-partner from his days as a cop in New Jersey. Danny's former partner in New Jersey who arrived in Hawaii, hellbent on seeking revenge against Danny who testified at his trial ten years previously which ultimately led to Peterson being jailed.After being found guilty of corruption, during a trial that Danny also testified in, Peterson was jailed for ten years and ended up losing everything, including his wife and family. After kidnapping Grace, Danny's daughter, he attempts to get Danny to kill Stan Edwards so that Danny would go to prison, but Danny fakes it by shooting Stan in the shoulder before shooting Peterson in the right kneecap and then threatening to shoot him in the head if Peterson doesn't tell him where Grace is.actress Lauren German is joining the cast to play a “smart and beautiful former Homeland Security officer who has been hand-picked by the new governor to join the Five-0 task force,” TV Line reports.El equipo investiga cuándo se encuentra el cuerpo de un fiscal federal en el baño de un avión, y Danny se queda atonito cuando se dice que la víctima es alguien que conocía.As the H50 team investigate the death of a well-known businessman, Steve continues investigating his father's death and meets NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye who gives him an insight into the video containing footage of Steve's father talking with Wo Fat and Governor Jameson.

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As Peterson lies on the ground, wounded, Danny tells him to give up the location or else he will shoot Peterson in the head. Danny Williams: Listen to me, listen to me, you son of a bitch. Can you look around and tell me where you are right now? Danny Williams: Uh, Rick, just please just tell me what you want, Rick. Danny Williams: Rick, you got a beef with me, you can come, you can put a bullet right in my head. Rick Peterson: Listen, when I hang up the phone, you're gonna take your cell and your gun, and you're gonna throw them out the window. Luego, después de que secuestró a Grace, las apuestas aumentaron, y Danny pronto descubrimos que la persona responsable del asesinato no es otra que su ex compañero de Nueva Jersey que llegó a Hawai, empeñado en vengarse de Danny.Con la vida de Grace en juego, Danny debe hacer lo que diga su ex compañero o arriesgarse a perder a Grace para siempre. The 34-year-old actor enjoyed some downtime with Saxon, who lives with his mom in Australia, and co-star Scott Caan.Alex‘s character on the hit CBS show may be getting a new love interest for the upcoming season.

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