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You can only camp in each spot for one night and there can’t be more than three tents in any given place.

Take care not to leave anything behind when you leave, including human waste.

Show the younger set just how much fun seniors can have!

We might be old but we are young at heart and have more experience in life.

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I have to decide between two options: (click through to check out this map in greater detail) TRANSPORTATION After talking it over with my sister, who had just completed her own camping road trip with friends the month before, I make up my mind. Iceland is too beautiful to skimp on certain destinations just because they’re far away from Reykjavik.

That deters me from wanting to bring my own tent, sleeping pad, etc.

Again, I find an answer in following my sister’s footsteps — a month earlier, she and her friends used a company called Iceland Camping Equipment to rent gear during their trip.

Most campgrounds charge around USD a night per person to camp on their property and use bathrooms, cooking facilities, car park, etc. that is my green tent in the foreground: Heck, you can’t get that view at a hostel!

CAMPING GEAR So now I have determined that I will travel around Iceland on a camping road trip. It’s expensive to bring bags on the budget airline I scored a cheap ticket with — around per checked bag on WOW Airlines.

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