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Folkman and Clatworth (193) concur that all societies regulate human sexual and reproductive behaviour in some way, and the majority of the earth’s human inhabitants live in monogamous unions.

One of the rules used to regulate sexual behaviour in some African societies requires abstinence from sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

Afolayan (201) notes that amongst the people of South Africa, marriage is the key institution around which the entire social structure revolves.

It is true that, when it comes to African traditional conduct in marital life, the couple has very little to say concerning their connubial activities during certain periods.

As in every society, African people have certain rules which are used to regulate sexual practices.

4Play was written and produced by Curious Pictures for Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa (JHHESA).

The drama focused on the hair and beauty salon of single mother and entrepreneur, Noma, and her loquacious girlfriends Nox, Danny, and Amira.

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