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A waxed nylon chest pocket and front hand pockets offer a place to stash your phone and warm your hands.This mod improves several vanilla dungeons aesthetically and/or expands them. About exterior cells; except for a few exceptions (Shurinbaal, Beshara, Yesamsi, Zalkin, Vassamsi, Mul), nothing has been modified.The park’s Stewart Cave is among many in Central Texas that draw the migratory Mexican Free-Tailed Bat, which arrives en masse in late spring and early summer.It’s colony is not as large as that of the Devil’s Sinkhole up the road, but its bats arrive earlier, and it’s much less crowded.Which makes hope the mightiest force of all (love is the noblest; hope is the linchpin.) It would be good to pause and ask yourself, The answer may be startling to you.Because it is such a very precious thing, you want to be careful with your hope.

A promise so breathtaking, so shocking and beautiful I’m stunned that few people even know of it.

We weren’t talking about major loss, or suffering—just the way everyone seems to be facing some hard thing or another.

There was a pause in the conversation, and my friend—normally a very buoyant woman—said, “We could sure use some hope right now.” We sure could.

Hope is one of the Three Great Treasures of the human heart: “Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love” (1 Cor ).

A life without faith has no meaning; a life without love simply isn’t worth living; but a life without hope is a dark cavern from which you never escape.

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