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Old Testament Understanding David also argues that in the Old Testament there was no rule for marrying a non-believer.However, most of his examples are from early on in the Bible (the first six books), which you could argue come before there was a developed understanding of inter-faith marriage.They just weren’t suited or approached the relationships with unhealthy expectations. It was written in an arranged marriage culture and we can’t twist random verses to make a ‘seven steps to dating bliss’ plan.Dating a Christian isn’t a pass to automatic dating happiness. Although, this doesn’t mean it can’t help us (Read What The Bible Will And Won’t Tell You About Dating) However, the Bible does talk a lot about another intimate romantic relationship, namely marriage, and marrying non-believers.André Adefope is the Head of Relationship Development at Naked Truth Project, the co-author of The Dating Dilemma, and oversees the Naked Truth Relationships project.He is based in Manchester, and has years of experience teaching and supporting people in the area of building God-centred relationships, and is passionate about seeing relationships thrive.For example, he highlights the fact that God loves non-Christians and values marriage, even if a Christian marries a non-Christian.

The blog written last year for Christian Connection ‘Should you marry a non-Christian?’, written by David Instone-Brewer, looked at the issue of the biblical teaching on marrying non-Christians.It’s definitely worth a read as he takes the text seriously and picks out some important points.After this point, you could even argue there was a cultural assumption that you marry within your own religion. Now I’m not saying marrying a non-Christian is right or wrong, that’s not the point.But whether you agree with David or not, I think partner selection in dating and marriage still comes down to a deeper question.

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