Taboo dating

I just wanted to make sure that he was hard and ready for when we got to our hotel room (although considering what I was wearing, there wasn't really much of a risk that he'd be soft...) He didn't even bother zipping back up when we got to the floor, just walked down the hall with his dick out. When we got to the hotel room, he tried to pick me up, but when that didn't work, just pointed where he wanted me to go, and I threw myself onto the bed.He lifted up the triangle, pulled my thong down, and without any further ado, slid his cock into me.My mouth was right in his ear, and he said later that he was worried that I was going to burst his ear-drum: I started screaming and screaming, and my pussy started convulsing around his cock.

No matter how often I blow Dennis or get myself off (or, quite often, both at once) it never seems to scratch my itch, but I just know that after tonight, I'll finally be satisfied.The top was a strip of fabric that covered my boobs and nothing else - I'd considered getting something that just hid the nipples, but there's something to be said for the allure of mystery, y'know? It was like a triangle of black material at the front and back - every time I put a leg forward, it showed off everything. If I hadn't been wearing a thong, you'd have been able to see my nicely shaved pussy in all its glory.I'd started wearing platform heels most of the time these days, so it was no effort to wear the 6-inch pumps that go so well with the dress."Dennis," I hissed, "what the hell do you think you're doing? " I looked down at my clothes...well, from my angle, I could only see my prominently displayed tits... " "Well, I mean, you fingered me for like half an hour..." "Yeah..." "And then I went down on you what, three times? It's because the lines have blurred - you're not sure when to act like brother and sister, and when to act like we're on a date. " "That's...right..." "So why don't we make it simpler? " "Mmm hmmm..." "So if we're always on a date, you're always turned on, yeah?" "You went down on me twice - the last time I just came on your tits." "Yeah, exactly. " "No..was a date." "I know,'re still my brother." "So what's bothering you? Even though we're always brother and sister, let's always act like we're on a date. " "Always...turned...." "And when we're on a date, it's okay to give me a blow-job, isn't it? Come on over here, and put that mouth of yours to work..." "Okay... We'll schedule that for another time." *** I don't know why it took so long for us to eventually go on our third date, but I was excited.

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