Taurus man dating aries woman

He’s not as organized and neat as her, and this will annoy her like Hell.Their fights will be more about disagreements and heated up discussions.She likes to flirt, and this may annoy the Taurus from time to time.As husband and wife, they will be perfect for each other.Because she has a strong intuition, she understands when people don’t have the best intentions.The connection between her and this man is almost mystical.

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When this lady meets someone new, she takes her time to analyze them.

If they need to make decisions fast and, on the go, neither of them will be in the position do it.

Believing only in perfection, the Virgo woman will want the Taurus man to give his best and make things work.

Both him and the Virgo woman want things to be perfectly organized and their house to be clean and tidy.

Virgos are in fact obsessed with neatness and cleanliness. Being the man, the Taurus will always look to impress and to protect his Virgo girl.

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