Teacher student dating movie

She was gorgeous and it wasn’t just me, but everyone in the room had a hard time taking their eyes off her. All eyes moved from left to right, and right to left, each time she took a walk across the board. I tried holding on to the front bench in her class, and I just stared at her.

There were too many of us, and she couldn’t really stare at anyone in particular while explaining something I didn’t bother listening to.

[Read: 10 subtle tips for eye contact flirting] The stare would almost always follow with a smile that showed her beautiful teeth, so perfect and so well set.

I used to catch up with her after class and chat a while, on the pretext of understanding something. And as long as I didn’t remind her that I had a crush on her all the time, it was all just fine.

The classes got even more annoying, because the thought of a fat ugly slob of a professor who took those classes replacing the beautiful Sophie was repulsive.

In the year 2008, I was asked to be the Senior VP of Operations. The only problem was that we still hadn’t spoken one bit about our organizations working together. Our bosses were happy with the outcome of our meeting, but Sophie and I were the most happiest.I held on to my stitches, and waited for the familiar annoying voice that would kick me out of class while I was already outside. Well, she wasn’t exactly a lady as such, because she looked as young as any other student in class. But the students were taking notes, and that definitely doesn’t happen in presentations.I looked at her and waited, wondering how to address her. Pulling myself back together, I walked to my seat somewhere towards the back of the class. They were too mesmerized by her to even realize that I was there.The professors weren’t too happy to let me reach out to my dreams the easy way.My friends and I were all jocks, or at least we pretended to be, each time a bunch of girls passed us by the basketball court.

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