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Unfortunately, this is an unproductive way of thinking.

Facing your fear of failure will help you eventually overcome that fear, or learn to manage it.

It is in the best interest of legitimate agencies to get as many happy customers as only possible, that's why they care.

Not only is the stuff you’re trying to get done worth, but so is the person trying to get it done: YOU. Since the dawn of time, people have been putting things off. In order to research this topic, I procrastinated writing this article until I was getting pretty close to the deadline (to my editors: ha, I’m kidding. Here are nine reasons other than article research that you might find yourself procrastinating: If you put things off, they can’t go wrong! However, this also means, obviously, that that particular task isn’t being done. By breaking things down into parts, you’ll find the task much more doable.

It is focusing on one type of thing at a time and writing down the things that fall under that type until there are no more left to capture. Start with the Must list and move on until your have finished the Perhaps list.

You can move stuff from one list to another during this exercise as well, but ultimately you want to wind up with the least amount of things on your Must list so that you can get to the Want list stuff that much faster.

Once Wants graduate to Musts, they become more crucial to you, and that means they have a greater chance of getting done.

You’ll also be able to move some the Perhaps stuff into the Want list as you go, with the Perhaps list likely being the longest list you’ve got going.

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