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Skip the next two sections if you’re not interested in I decided to write this guide and get to the meat and potatoes of Google Flights.In the past, I have written about the three types of trips I take: ones I do to earn miles, ones I do to burn miles, and ones I do to earn airline statuses.Most people can’t travel solely on mistake fees—you can’t hold out for a mistake fare to hopefully pop up to specifically fit your Labor Day wedding.Fuel dumping (which I won’t cover because of the serious consequences that come with it) aside, there isn’t a “coupon code” or “secret trick” that will magically knock significant dollar amounts off your flight.

If those don’t fit, or if you want to take a deeper dive, scroll down and you’ll find other departing flights.

That model doesn’t quite work well anymore, given that airlines now mostly reward miles based on the amount of money spent, instead of distance flown.

As a result, earning miles has shifted to leveraging credit card sign-up bonuses or day-to-day earning multipliers.

See, over the years, there have been some truly awesome deals.

But in many ways, mistake fare bookings don’t work like regular bookings.

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