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This work has been conducted as part of JSR 380 and formerly JSRs 349 and 303 under the Java Community Process Program.

This specification is the result of the collaborative work of the members of the JSR 380 Expert Group and the community at large.

targeting the (returned) element annotated by the constraint (a bean, a field, a getter, a method/constructor return value or a method/constructor parameter).

A constraint is said to be cross-parameter if it has one constraint validator targeting the array of parameters of a method or constructor (to validate the consistency of several method/constructor parameters).

All of Bean Validation 1.1 work has been done in the open and in an open source way.

Source code for the API, reference implementation, test compatibility kit as well as the specification and the website sources are available in the open.

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That way the Bean Validation API can be used to describe and validate the contract applying to a given method or constructor, that is: The integration points with Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) have been increased and reworked.

Ease of use and flexibility have influenced the design of this specification.

As of version 1.1, Bean Validation constraints can also be applied to the parameters and return values of methods of arbitrary Java types.

The main contribution of Bean Validation 2.0 is leveraging the new language features and API additions of Java 8 for the purposes of validation.

Java 8 or later is required to use Bean Validation 2.0.

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