Tips on dating a person with a disability

And my depression and anxiety can mean I end up in my room for days or weeks at a time, unable to spend time with my partners because I feel so low.

There are some important ways I’ve learned to navigate these challenges and how they impact my relationships, however.

Over the past three years, I’ve learned a lot about the ways in which my brain and body work.

I’ve learned that the intense sadness and stress I dealt with in high school did, in fact, qualify as depression and anxiety, and that I could and should seek support for those things.

It’s difficult having to get space from one of my partners because their physical closeness makes me feel like I am about to jump out of my skin.

Having a lower threshold for noise and crowds means I often leave public spaces or social gatherings early or decline going to them altogether.

They would just prefer if I could tell them I’m about to do so, as they find it difficult when I just disappear.But one of the hardest things I am learning is how not to take on my partners’ disappointment.That’s not to say that I want to constantly ignore how my actions make others feel, but I have to learn that I can’t please everyone all the time and that it’s okay to make someone disappointed.My anxiety can often convince me I’ve done something terribly wrong and that my partners dislike me.Likewise, my depression can tell me I’m worthless and unloveable.

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